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About me

I am a painter living and working in London, my painting practice has been evolving since the early nineties. In 1997 I graduated from the inaugural Fine Art degree at the University of Teesside, and was a founding a member of the MOOT art society exhibiting locally in Middlesbrough.

Post-degree I returned to The Midlands and curated the Nice exhibition in Hanley (Stoke-on-Trent), and successfully lobbied for the creation of the Gainsborough studios and exhibition space in Stafford. I was a founding member of the Untitled art group and contributed regularly to the Evolver art and music events.

I relocated to London in 2006 working in arts administration for City Lit in Covent Garden. During this time I briefly taught printmaking, provided exhibition tech support for City Lit Fine Art Course, Art & Design Foundation, Ceramics Diploma and assisted with management and curation of the City Lit Annual Staff Exhibition.

From late 2007 to November 2019 I painted in shared  studios with Lucinda Oestreicher (ACAVA, Hoxton), Tracey Payne/Anna-Lena Fuller (S P A C E , Peckham), whilst participating in collaborations with Richard Guest and The Orange Dot Gallery (Bloomsbury).

From November 2019 I have been expanding my practice from my home studio in East London.

About the work

I produce paintings by taking risks – steering to and from disaster

I experiment directly on the canvas with established and improvised techniques

I use redundant analogue imagery as compositional devices

I develop the work by manipulating selective formal aspects of painting

I work in layers in an additive and subtractive basis

I leave mistakes visible

I manipulate the painting’s history to achieve the same visual reaction as the viewer

I always use black